Supplying artwork for Stickers (Contour Cut / Shaped)

  • Supply all artwork as a press ready PDF or Hi-Resolution Jpeg (300dpi)
  • All artwork should be supplied to a 1:1 scale ie full scale.
  • Resolution of all images within the artwork should be minimum 300dpi.
  • Images should be in the CMYK colour format (artwork supplied in RGB will be converted and a colour change may then occur)
  • All fonts should be ‘Outlined’ (eg if designing in Adobe Illustrator, select all text, next click the ‘Type Menu’, next select the option ‘create outlines’
  • Add 2mm bleed on ALL sides

What is Bleed?

Where your artwork meets the edge of the printed area, your design must be extended over the edge in order to ensure that white edges do not show after folding or trimming the edges.


Add a Cut Line

Follow these steps to create the cut line:

  • Create a new layer from the Layers palette, and name it “ContourCutLine”.
  • Create a VECTOR LINE on the Cut Contour layer which corresponds to the cut line for your sticker, and assign it a colour stroke that corresponds to the newly-created Cut Contour swatch. Assign the following CMYK percentages: 0, 100, 0, 0 (magenta only).